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As a tough customer yourself, what exactly do you expect from a 'working' roof rack?

Strength. Durability. Resistance to corrosion and hard, heavy use. Is it perhaps ease of assembly and fixing, with no drilling necessary?

In short, what's needed is a piece of equipment able to cope with the demands of the job you do: that will not let you down, but will take almost anything and everything you throw at it, or in rather more realistic language, on it.

TrukRax heavy duty roof racks are all the things you'd expect; built to outlast the vans and trucks to which they're fitted by the thousand.

Manufactured throughout from steel that fully deserves the 'heavy duty' tag. Sensibly constructed with no unnecessary detail, then finally surface treated to take the worst of both knocks and the extremes of weather. Year in, year out, without fail.

For the gutter or drip rail type of fixing, TrukRax roof racks are supplied in single bar kits complete with moveable ladder locators which may be positioned anywhere along the bar, or bars, because you can fit as many as you need (three is our recommendation for larger panel vans).

If you drive a high volume or car derived van - Combo, Courier, Escort for example, with in-built fixing channels, TrukRax virtually covers the popular market with tailor made roof racks specifically designed for individual makes.

Trukrax - Roof Racks

(1) Optional ladder clamps, which hook under the roof rack cross bars, tighten onto the ladder, and may be secured in position using a long shackle padlock.

(2) All bars and components are zinc plated and passivated for durability and corrosion resistance.

(3) Each cross bar comes complete with two ladder locators which may be moved and secured firmly in any position

(4) Optional 4" (102mm) square tube carrier, 10'2" (3050mm) in length, from a full accessory range, Complete with steel lockable end cops and fixings which attach to bars without the needs for drilling.

(5) Assembly and fitting is simplicity itself, with no drilling required and full instructions supplied

(6) Gutter rail clamps with plastic protection.

(7) Cross bars All steel construction, with substantial 1 1/2" (38mm) square section tube

(8) Alternative roof channel fixing for high volume or car derived vans.

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